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[18+] Tartan 2 TLE 2016 WEB-DL HDNEWSEX 720p 100MB

Full Movie Name: [18+] Tartan 2 TLE 2016 720p 50MB
Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: N/A
Genres: Adult

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: Nov 18, 2016

Cast: Angelina

Duration: 10 Minutes
Size: 51MB


Angelina, a stunning, petite-but-curvy brunette with hazel eyes, full red lips and big breasts, walks through a deserted building. The run-down condition of her surroundings contrasts with the fresh beauty of her face and perfect body. She finds a large wooden table and strips off the plaid shirt she’s wearing, laying it on the tabletop. She gets up onto it, naked except for her platform-soled sandals, and lets her mind and hands wander… She strokes her breasts and belly but soon begins to focus on her shaved pussy, teasing her outer lips then homing in on her clit. She lies back, a dreamy expression on her face, as she works one finger and out, stopping momentarily to spread the juices on her clit. She gets to her feet on the table, her shape silhouetted against a grimy, cracked window. Then the camera takes in her incredible rounded ass as she humps slowly and rhythmically against her hand, her finger now buried deep in her wet hole. Sitting down again, legs splayed wide, she moans and gasps as she frigs herself harder and faster, her pussy slurping wet around her finger. She climaxes and lies back, dazed with pleasure, caressing her body, then calmly gets up and makes her exit…
[18+] Tartan 2 TLE 2016



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