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[18+] Morning Surprise HDNewSex 2016 WEB-DL 720p 90MB

Full Movie Name: [18+] Morning Surprise SexArt 2016 WEB-DL 720p 90MB
Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: N/A
Genres: Adult

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: Nov 9, 2016

Cast: Meggie Marika & George Lee

Duration: 18 Minutes
Size: 94MB


Still half asleep, sexy Meggie Marika starts her chores, shaking her sweet ass to the music on her headphones. The Czech cutie gets a “Morning Surprise” when George Lee creeps up behind her and spanks her ass with a rolled-up newspaper. Meggie embraces her lover voraciously, thrusting her hand into his jeans to feel him up, and then unzipping them so she can stroke his stiffening cock against her crotch. George kneels to eat Meggie’s hairy pussy and she stirs her hips raunchily as she grinds on his face, then guides his fingers inside her to intensify the sensations. When she’s at boiling point, George slides his long cock inside her, fucking into her vigorously. Meggie pushes him off so she can suck his dick and balls, corkscrewing her hand around the base of his shaft as she takes it deep…

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