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[18+] Lovely Afternoon SexArt 2016 WEB-DL 720p 110MB

Full Movie Name: [18+] Lovely Afternoon SexArt 2016 WEB-DL 720p 110MB
Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: N/A
Genres: Adult

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: Aug 12, 2015

Director: Andrej Lupin
Cast: Gala Brown & Matt Ice

Duration: 22 Minutes
Size: 114MB


Sitting outside in the sunshine on the “Lovely Afternoon” that gives Andrej Lupin’s film its title, Matt Ice intently studies a notebook. When Gala Brown arrives we learn that she’s a language instructor and she’s there to tutor him in Spanish. The lesson begins with a quick run-down of basic body parts, and Matt — a Czech national who also speaks English in this feature — learns quickly. But increasing Matt’s fluency en Español isn’t all Gala is interested in, and when he goes inside to fetch her a glass of water she undoes several buttons on her blouse and prepares to seduce her student. A discussion of lips and kissing leads quite naturally to actual kissing, and once they’ve tasted each other class is dismissed and passionate sex is its immediate replacement. Gala eagerly sucks Matt’s cock and…

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